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A Kanzashi Snowflake for Christmas


Sat 3rd November (1.30pm – 4pm)

Christmas is coming soon. How about learning to make a unique present for your loved ones.

In this workshop, Cora will be teaching you how to make a snowflake with two basic folding techniques of Kanzashi. All materials and tools are provided and beginners are welcomed. You can choose to mount your snowflake onto a brooch pin or a hair clip – It’s entirely up to you.

Cora is a Sheffield-based artist and craft tutor who practises the traditional craft of Tsumami-Zaiku (also known as Kanzashi). The craft of Kanzashi was originated in the Edo era for creating elaborate headpieces for Maikos (apprentice Geisha). It uses small, folded pieces of fabric to form various objects, usually flowers. It is deeply connected to nature and the change of seasons, as Maikos use their headpieces to display seasonal plants that match the corresponding time of year.

Despite the age of the craft, Cora aims to create accessories and artwork with a modern interpretation. She explores the use of cotton fabric and printed fabric to created different styles of accessories. She also incorporates western elements such as butterfly bows and rhinestones in her designs, and creates new patterns such as angel wings, four-leaf clover, and the Yorkshire rose.

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Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

Max. number of crafty individuals:

1.30pm – 4pm



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