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Ukrainian Eggs


14th April (1pm – 4pm)

This technique, which is traditional in Ukraine, uses beeswax to resist multiple colours of very strong dye. Special tools and dyes are needed, but they are not difficult to use and the skills are easy to learn with the support of our expert and experienced tutor Grace.

Dyes come in a huge variety of colours, and we will overdye each egg several times, resulting in layering colours and patterns, traditionally finishing with a black “background” but the possibilities are (nearly) endless.

Example photos of traditional Ukrainian eggs will be shown, and tips on achieving this complex geometric style, but a more freeform approach also results in some stunning designs.

Egg blowing will be demonstrated on the day, but pre-blown eggs will also be provided, as well as all the tools, dyes and other necessary materials. You can take your eggs home to show off at the at the end of the session, ready for Easter.

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Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

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1pm – 4pm



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