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Batik Day

This is a fun and creative day full of colour. Helen Moyes is an experienced tutor, who studied batik as part of her textile training. She will lead you on a day of creative play with resist techniques.

Over the course of the day we will cover:

  • making marks, patterns and designs using the ancient textile art of Batik. This is applying hot wax onto cotton fabric with a “tjanting” and brush, then add colours to the sections created.
  • ways to stretch fabric before starting
  • mixing and using resists from common kitchen cupboard ingredients so you will be able to continue with other Batik projects at home
  • using stencils
  • paints and paint effects for fabric

Once dry we will remove the resists, and turn our fabric pieces of art into usable pieces. You will go home with these and lots of ideas on how to continue your creativity.



Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

Max. number of crafty individuals:

10am – 4pm



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