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Bean Bag Chair Making


Date(s) Available
Sun 25th Oct 2020 (2pm - 4pm)
Hagglers Corner
Max. number of crafty individuals

Bean bag chairs are comfy seats ideal for a child’s bedroom or for you to relax on in the living room. Why buy one for £40 when you can make it yourself and learn the skills to create as many more as you like.

This workshop not only teaches you how to create bean bag chairs, but gives you the time and space to complete the project in one go. You will learn how to ensure secure seams, cut the material to the correct size, insert a zip with a sewing machine and shape the bean bag. We will even help you to put those fiddly beans in.

The beans, zips and machines are provided. All you need to bring is your choice of material to suit the room which your bean bag will adorn!

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