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Crochet Clock Project Day

Crochet is growing in popularity and people are becoming more and more creative in its uses. Crochet is no longer confined to wearable items but is being used to decorate the home. Crocheted clocks are one of the newer trends in crochet. This workshop offers you the opportunity to spend the day creating your own complete clock project to take home and show off or give as a personal gift.

During the morning you will develop your crochet skills by using a range of stitches to create your clock design. This includes cluster stitches, hard edged circles, crocheting around the post and increasing to create regular circles. You will learn how to crochet buttons onto the work so that they do not have to be sewn on afterwards. You can optionally add decorative items such as flowers and butterflies which can represent numbers on your clock.

In the afternoon we will finish the project by mounting it and inserting the clock mechanism. All materials for the clock are included in the cost of the course. The yarn used is a cotton mix in a range of bright colours.

Crochet is colorful, creative, good for our mental health and a great way to make social connections. If you have been crocheting for a while now and want to spend the day moving your skills on whilst completing a project, then this is the workshop for you.

You must have mastered basic crochet stitches in order to enroll on this workshop.



Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

Max. number of crafty individuals:

10pm – 4pm



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