Crochet: Learn to Read a Pattern


Date(s) Available
Sat 25th June 2022 (10am - 1pm)
Hagglers Corner
Max. number of crafty individuals

earning to read a crochet pattern can open up a world of creative opportunities. It allows you to read and create from patterns you have seen in books or found online.

This short workshop will teach you how to decipher the symbols drawn in pictorial patterns as well as understand patterns written in words. The difference between patterns from different countries will also be explained.

Laura is the crochet enthusiast and qualified teacher leading this workshop. Crochet has been her passion for nearly 30 years and she has been teaching if for the last 10 years. It will be a relaxed but informative session with plenty of hot drinks and biscuits.

You should be able to complete basic crochet stitches before doing this course but you don’t have to be an expert crocheter to take part and improve your skills. Come and invest in yourself!

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