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Little Girls Dress – 4 Week Short Course


Date(s) Available
Wednesday evenings (6pm-8.30pm)
- 25th Nov 2020
- 3rd Dec 2020
- 9th Dec 2020
- 16th Dec 2020
Hagglers Corner
Max. number of crafty individuals

The first week of this course will cover generic dress making skills. Our expert seamstress Cathie will guide you through these in our relaxed and friendly environment. She has over 20 years of seamstress and teaching experience. Cathie will talk to you about the pattern and material you are going to work with for the other three weeks. You will choose and bring the fabric for the second week.

There will be lots of transferable dress making skills and professional finishing techniques. You will finish the course with a lovely, unique child’s dress to gift to your loved one.

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Little Girls Dress – 4 Week Short Course