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Notice: Please note that all workshops between April and July 2020 have been postponed until further notice.

Mandala Drawing

Date(s) Available
Sun 19th April 2020 (2pm - 4pm)
Hagglers Corner
Max. number of crafty individuals

The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit for circle. Mandala’s are beautifully patterned circular images that can be as simple or colourful and detailed as you like. They look great as framed pictures, on cards or even as wall stencils. People often find creating them relaxing and rewarding so why not come along and develop your skills. A relaxing way to spend half a day.

Our expert tutor Rosie will take you through the process of designing, drawing and colouring your images. Rosie is an artist who has interests in a variety of areas including printmaking, graphics, illustration etc. She studied Interdisciplinary Art & Design at university which supported her in creating a diverse range of items and being able to utilise many creative media. Her specialisation is in hand drawn illustration, typography, printmaking.

Please note, this course has been postponed until further notice