Hagglers Corner, 586 Queens Rd, Sheffield S2 4DU

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Mixed Media Art Journaling

An art journal is a place to express your thoughts, dreams, experiences, memories and worries in a creative constructive way. There are no rules or restrictions. You can paint, draw, stamp, collage, write and well basically do anything that feels good to you! Experiment, reminisce, play, or celebrate have a good old rant.

Our expert tutor Helen is an experienced, qualified art teacher who creates a friendly, inclusive and fun atmosphere during workshops. In this workshop we will: look at different ways to create page backgrounds, have a go with different paints, create pockets for you to stash stuff, get stamping, cutting and sticking, stencil and cut windows and doors into your journal pages, add stitch and haberdashery – you could create a sewing journal. You could writing out our feelings (and then covering it with paint if you wish!). Add tags, brads and tapes, trap flowers, draw a zentangle and get inspiration!
All materials and lots of friendly, support provided.

This workshop can be done as a stand alone or in conjunction with the morning workshop on the same day: Sewing a Journal Cover. (Booking both workshops reduces the price to £60 for the day). Come and get creative!



Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

Max. number of crafty individuals:

10am – 12.30pm



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