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Patch Work Quilt (and Half Day Finishing Techniques)

We have had lots of interest from crafty individuals wanting to learn how to make their own patchwork quilt, so we have recruited a new tutor to the team to give you the benefit of her skills, experience and creativity. Rachael has taught classes at Patch Work Garden for many years and it passion about quilting.

You will be creating the patchwork side of your quilt on the one day workshop. Rachael will be showing you the Hidden Star patch work technique. We also do a half day finishing workshop which many of you may want to attend a few weeks later. This shows you how to adding the wadding and backing and then quilting the whole piece and learning how to add a border. The half day can be booked on its own if you are already confident in your patch work abilities and want to make your finishing more professional.

On the one day workshop you will have enough time to create a lap quilt or cot quilt. If you want to make a quilt for a single or double bed you will still learn all the techniques for need you to create a larger quilt but you will have to do more sewing / finish your quilt at home. We have left plenty of time in between the workshop dates so you can carry on and make more patchwork at home if you need to. Please note that this workshop is suitable for crafters new to patchwork but you must have some experience and be confident in using a sewing machine.

As quilts are very personal items you will need to bring your own fabric along to the workshop. We are creating a ‘Charm Pack’ quilt at this workshop. You will need to bring along one charm pack of fabric to incorporate into your quilt. A charm pack is a pack of 42 x 5 inch squares of coordinating fabric (Moda is a big producer of charm packs, so check them out online). Or alternatively you can bring along 42 x 5inch squares of fabric of your choice! You don’t need to buy new fabric (unless you want to), it’s perfectly fine to use used, or pre-loved fabric such as your children’s old clothes, men’s shirts, girls summer dresses or boys shirts. Wadding and backing fabric will be necessary for the finishing workshop. Any pre-loved fabrics or a sheet can be used as the backing as long as it’s 100% cotton.

The workshop is not about creating a perfectly geometric quilt but having fun and creating a quilt which is unique and special to you. Rachael will be able to tell you all about the history, design and techniques of patchwork and quilting and will bring to the workshops lots of examples of quilts to inspire you to create something unique and wonderful for yourself.

There are six Running With Scissors machines available to use at the workshop, however you can bring your own if you wish. If you have a quarter inch foot and a walking foot for your machine please bring them along with you and have a look at your manual to check if you can drop the ‘feed dog’ (the metal teeth which help feed the material under the machine foot). Please note that if you bring your own machine it will be up to you to make sure that it is in good working order and is safe to use.

Running with Scissors cannot take responsibility for use of machines other than our own.



Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

Max. number of crafty individuals:

1pm – 4pm / 10am – 4pm



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