Portuguese Tapestry


Date(s) Available
Sun 30th January 2022 (10am - 1pm)
Hagglers Corner
Max. number of crafty individuals

Portuguese tapestry is a traditional craft which can be used to produce stunningly colourful patterns. The technique which is sometime known as long arm cross stitch, is usually used to make beautiful hard-wearing rugs. It is a diverse technique that can be adapted to make many home or wearable accessories including cushions, purses, place mats and much more.

Our tutor Sonia is a native of Portugal who was taught the craft by her mother as a 10-year-old girl. Since then she has mastered the craft producing hundreds of tapestry items. She has sold her finished rugs at craft markets in London and now having moved to Sheffield, she is keen to share and popularise the craft by teaching others.

This short introductory workshop aims to share the basic techniques with you whilst producing a small decorative peace. The project covers the basic techniques you will need to transfer to other projects. Come and have a go!

All materials plus hot drinks and biscuits included.

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