Hagglers Corner, 586 Queens Rd, Sheffield S2 4DU

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Textured Knitting

Sat 30th September 2017 (10am – 4pm)

Many of you may know of our experienced Knitting Tutor Bev from her years of work with Rowan at John Lewis in Sheffield. We are very pleased to have her join the Running With Scissors team, bringing her expertise and fabulous knitting and teaching skill.

This workshop is aimed at knitters who are looking to extend their skills. All the various knitting techniques – cables, bobbles and twists – are formed using ‘knit’ and ‘purl’ stitches and the variety these can give to your knitting is endless. During the day we will be covering textured cables, bobbles, twists and working from a chart. Please bring along 4mm knitting needles and a cable needle.



Workshop Location:
Hagglers Corner

Max. number of crafty individuals:

10am – 4pm



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