Dyson Place - Unit 6 Shop

The items on this page are exclusively available in our Dyson Place- Unit 6 outlet ( S11 8XX).

Pick up the item in person, use the QR code to visit this section of our online shop, pay, show the retail assistant your digital recite and enjoy your hand crafted item.

Items featured in our shop are hand crocheted creations. All are made in Sheffield by Running With Scissors crochet tutor Laura Faulkner. They are one off items which take many hours of skilled work to craft. We hope you enjoy wearing or giving them as unique gifts.

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Hoop Earings



Face Scrubbies


Wall Display

Wall Hanging


Dream Catcher (small)

Dream Catcher


Ear 8

Crocheted Earrings – Pentagons


Ear 7

Crocheted Earrings – Long Blues


Ear 6

Crocheted Earrings – Waves and Circles


Ear 5

Crocheted Earrings – Circular Pinks


Ear 4

Crocheted Earrings – Circular Greens


Ear 3

Crocheted Earrings – Circular Blues


Ear 2

Crocheted Earrings – Purple Hoops


Ear 1

Crocheted Earrings – Daisies