Free-hand Machine Embroidery


Date(s) Available
Sun 7th April 2024 (10am - 4pm)
Hagglers Corner
Max. number of crafty individuals

This is our ever popular Free-hand Machine Embroidery workshop. It’s a full day workshop so you get lots of time to experiment with the techniques! If you’ve not heard of this before then this is ‘freehand machine sewing’, kind of like sketching by moving the paper rather than the pencil, the only limit is your imagination!

We will start with the basics to get you used to using a different sewing technique and you can have a go at appliqué (attaching pieces of fabric to a base layer) and using Free-hand Machine Embroidery over this to add details etc. There will also be opportunity to use our Embellisher Machine (very exciting!) to add felt effects and details to your projects, along with your appliqués and freehand stitching. We will have a go at creating pieces with dissolvable material so only your stitch designs are left!

You will make lots of practise pieces but will also create a shopping bag to take home. This will be of your own unique design.

You are welcome to bring along some pieces of fabric, ribbon, wool, fancy thread etc which you might like to incorporate into your projects – although there will be plenty available at the workshop. All materials are provided on the day.

You will need to use one of our machines for this workshop, unless you have a good quality machine which is robust enough to do Free-hand Machine Embroidery. You will need to be able to lower the feed dogs (the little metal teeth under the needle), or have a plate in your accessories pack which covers the feed dogs. We supply Free-hand Machine Embroidery feet for our / your machine to use during the session. If you would like to bring your own machine please let us know the make and model of your machine on the booking form. If you have any queries about this please let Laura know at and we can give you some help and advice.

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